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Stallion Fertility Investigations


Stallions can be admitted to Willesley to investigate infertility or to assess their suitability for an Artificial Insemination programme.

All stallions will require health tests prior to admission as described in the HBLB code of Practice for the control of venereal diseases:

Physical Examination

Examination of the external genitalia will include manual palpation and ultrasound examination. A calculation of predicted daily sperm output can be made as determined by testicle dimensions and volume.

Semen Analysis

Semen collection can be made using an ovarectomised jump mare or on a phantom. Semen analysis will include;

  1. Gel free volume
  2. Raw and extended progressive motility
  3. Motility of extended semen (panel of 3 extenders for AI assessment) at 24 hours
  4. Motility of extended semen (panel of 3 extenders for AI assessment) at 48 hours
  5. Concentration
  6. Total number of progressively motile sperm in ejaculate
  7. Morphology


 Description  Price
Physical examination and one semen collection and evaluation at Willesley. Two collections 1 hour apart will give a useful assessment of stallion fertility. Daily collections and assessment for 5 days will give the most useful assessment of stallion fertility. Collections and evaluations are reduced to £100 + VAT £150.00 + VAT 
Stallion livery including exercise according to owners requirements £25.00 + VAT



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