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Fresh Semen Fees 2020

For work carried out at B&W Stud and Reproduction Services, Willesley;

We quote a set fee of                                              £325 + VAT


This fees includes:

  • All routine drugs and gynaecological examinations to ensure insemination at the optimum time.
  • Insemination.
  • Post ovulation checks including lavages if necessary.
  • All ultrasound pregnancy examinations up to heartbeat/embryo detection

If  the mare is not pregnant after her first insemination, then the process can be repeated at a reduced cost of:                                                                                                                                             £300.00 + VAT

If the mare requires a third insemination, then the fee is reduced to:                                      £260.00 + VAT

These fees do not include:

  • The cost of the call-out for any work performed at home.
  • Pre Clinic entry health tests ie, EVA, Clitoral swab & Strangles.
  • The cost of sedation, if it is necessary.
  • Accommodation fees. (See below)
  • Caslick procedure £52 + vat, Caslick repair £35 + vat.
  • Twin reduction £28.50 + vat plus drugs. Treatment for Endometritis.
  • If the mare is diagnosed with Endometritis, an all inclusive package fee of £108.00 + vat or £170 + vat will be charged depending on the treatment required.

If the insemination is not completed due to ovulation failure, semen delivery failure, incorrect/absent health status paperwork – instead of starting a new package an insemination failure fee of £183 + vat will be charged to cover work/ drugs used.

Accommodation Fees

Mare at grass £8.50 + VAT Mare & foal at grass £9.50 + VAT
Mare stabled £17.00 + VAT Mare & foal stabled £19.00 + VAT

The package fee must be paid for in full before the work commences and the fee plan is not transferable to the following season.



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