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Case Studies

Latest case studies from B&W Team Dentistry:


B&W Director Pete Ravenhill saw Zoe Fowler's horse Molly and believe it or not he was using his very own dental floss to clean between Molly’s front teeth!

In cases of incisor periodontal disease it is important for owners to clean trapped food regularly from between the incisor teeth with a soft tooth brush. Please don't try and clean further back in the mouth or you may lose your fingers!







Paddy the 5yo mini Shetland stallion was referred to Pete Ravenhill to investigate a tooth root abscess breaking out of the left side of his face. We had to build him a special set of "mini stocks" from shavings bales. Having identified the diseased tooth by x-ray and oral endoscope examination, we successfully extracted it via a standing oral forceps approach under sedation and nerve block In the pictures you can see Paddy with Pete and owner Hazel, he was very happy to be heading home to the Midlands to be reunited with his pregnant mini Shetland ‘wife’ ... Hopefully when she has had her foal and he has got over his dental procedure, they will be happily pulling their little cart together again as a driving pair!










Kim Saunders' pony Harvey paid a visit to our Failand Clinic. Harvey had mild snotty nose and slightly wobbly tooth which was noted by his regular dentist Ian Roff, EDT, who referred Harvey to Failand vet Sam Bescoby for a tooth extraction. When Sam came to take the tooth out he was in for a bit of a surprise as an unexpected infection had built up behind it. You can see the extracted tooth and the result of clearing out the infection in the photos.

Originally from HorseWorld Trust as a youngster, Harvey is now a much loved, bomb-proof child's pony and although he still has a long road to go until he is finally out of the woods, he should be flying higher now he has a head free of pus!









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