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Helen's Blog - March

About Helen

Not quite the best start

Hello, so this is my first blog post writing as a brand ambassador for B&W Equine Vets. My names Helen Trueman and I’m a 20-year-old student in Hartpury College (Last year eeek). My pony is called Henry, a black 14hh Welsh Sec D who I compete in Working Hunter, British Showjumping and we also do a little bit of eventing. On the 10th of February I received a phone call asking Henry and I to be brand ambassadors for B&W Equine which was the most exciting thing to happen EVER!

Sadly things didn’t get off to the best start for us. I’ll give you a bit of background information; On the 5th August 2016 Henry was kicked in the field and fractured his splint bone, he recovered incredibly well, no complications.



Nearly 3 months since being given the all clear Henry didn’t feel ‘quite right’. He was sound, perfectly healthy and very happy. Duncan (director from B&W’s Failand clinic) and I put it down to one of Henrys skin bumps (Collagen Granulomas) on his back becoming unsterile and inflamed. This lump was steroid injected and removed with a very neat set of stitches and 4 staples. Staples out and back to work!


He felt ‘not quite right’ again. We went to West Wilts to jump in the BlueChip qualifier. He felt weak and chose to land on his left leg all the time, he’s a little trooper and jumped the whole warm up course with no complaint. We withdrew him from the qualifier and straight on the phone to Duncan. Lameness examination the next day showed he was sound in a straight line on hard ground. However, intermittent lameness 3/10 when lunged on a hard surface and pain on palpation (touch) on his splint bone. X-rays of his splint bone showed no changes, ultrasound of his suspensory ligament was all good. A steroid injection to the splint area and back to work!


He felt ‘not quite right’ still… Duncan back out again (sorry Duncan). Sound in a straight line on hard ground. Sound lunging on a hard circle, which was really good, medicating the splint area had worked! Then Duncan picked up his leg for a flexion test- the second he closed the joints in his leg Henry starts rearing. 3, 2 ,1 he lets his leg go and we go to trot off… Henry just fell all over the place like a giraffe with 3 legs! 6/10 lame on flexion test. HALLELUJAH! My tiny gut instinct was actually something wrong!

Later that week it was time for some nerve blocks- Nerve blocks really are one of the most interesting things to watch. After a few nerve block injections in his leg (which Henry was super, super good for) we found that it was his fetlock joint which was causing the problem. X-rays to the fetlock area showed nothing to be a cause for concern. A little steroid injection, some fabulous pink bandages, a little hand walking and we haven’t looked back. He feels fantastic! He’s been racing around the field like a lunatic and I have a very happy pony again.

Because of his leg he has spent most of our first month as brand ambassadors resting. However, towards the end of March we went to a local show at Leyland Court for some fun classes and came home with a 4th and a 6th! We also headed over to Summerhouse Equestrian for some training over their working hunter jumps where he was super bold- he hasn’t seemed to forgotten anything over the Winter.

Henry’s Working Hunter season starts in April with two warm up shows to get him going before the bigger shows and qualifiers later in the year- which we are both super excited for! On April 7th Henry and I are heading over to Cricklands for their Winter League Finals weekend. We’ve been going for 3 years running and it’s such a good weekend. Although he’s jumping in a lower class than usual (going gentle on his leg) I know we will still have a lot of fun.

I look forward to updating all of you next month with hopefully some successes. Onwards and upwards!

Helen & Henry

Keep up to date with Henry and I:

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJqVjySBVVE&feature=youtu.be

Instagram- @henry_and_helen


Note: With much sadness Bill (my other ride) was put to sleep at the end of this month. I want to thank Sam Bescoby for his compassion and handling Bill brilliantly. I will always love you and miss you Bill x

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