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First Blog

We have had a great first month of being a B&W Brand Ambassador, on the 1st of the month we had our first meeting where we were able to meet with fellow brand ambassadors, it was great to hear what everyone else dose and what their aims are for the year.  We were also very lucky to receive some very nice branded goodies which included a coat for myself and two numnahs for Tilly. On the Friday we quickly put B & W’s expertise to great use when our old pony became unwell  but due to Marthas great care we found he has an infection. Luckily he quickly perked up after her visit and continued to make good progress over the weekend.

That weekend we attended the British Young Riders Dressage Scheme squadding day at Cheltenham Racecourse (RDA). When we arrived the preparations for the Cheltenham Festival were in full swing and there was a lot going on but luckily Tilly was completely unfazed by it all and enjoyed watching everything going on around her!  During the squadding we had a 25 minute lesson with Steven Arnett working on suppleness within the paces, lengthening and sorting the pace and lateral work after the lesson we went straight in to our test,  I was very pleased with the test and we got a score of 81.2%  which meant that we are now squadded to represent BYRDS Gloucestershire at C squad. It meant the world to me to get Tilly to this and to also get such a great score I couldn’t stop grinning for days!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on training and have had a couple of great lessons with Helen James working towards a busy April when we will be competing. We are also very excited to be practicing our free style to music test ready to compete around mid April, which we absolutely love doing.

We have also been enjoying some time out from schooling with lovely hacks around the country lanes enjoying the lovely spring weather that we have been having lately

I was lucky enough to attend one of the interesting Ask the Vet evenings recently at Busy with equine vet dentist Peter Ravenhill.  We all gathered to look at a complex dental equine patient, it was amazing to be able to see up close in the horses’ mouth through a camera and then watch him work on the teeth and see the difference before and after. Afterwards we watched a power point of cases he has dealt with it was amazing to learn how modern dentistry has become in the equine world and how a lot of routine human procedures are now being used on horse. After attending this I am definitely going to book Peter to come and look at Tilly’s teeth. 

Link to BYRDS vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U5wAqB6xNg 

You can follow me and Tilly on our Facebook page: Tiarella Dressage 

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