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Badminton Photographer - May Blog

Hello again everyone…!

May has been a relatively quiet month in terms of riding, but incredibly hectic in other aspects of my life. Summer has started (well the weather has arrived anyway, with this heatwave. Though I would like it to be a permanent climate!) Donald is finally looking less like a hippo (both weight, and his ability to wallow in mud), and more like an event horse! I have done half of my GCSE’s, so I am now looking forward to a summer of riding, sailing and surfing (mainly riding, I have to admit)! At the start of May, we made the annual pilgrimage to the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, and I am so happy for the legendary Andrew Nicholson who finally achieved the result he deserved; this year was different to usual as I was lucky enough to meet Amy from Horse Hour, and spent the day as an ‘official photographer,’ which was an incredible experience. I really enjoyed meeting all the team at B&W, the view of the lake at the pavilion, and my perhaps excessive shopping spree... my love for turquoise has meant my collection has grown. By about five times its previous size!

Another visit from Emma a couple of weeks ago, and a confirmation from Elise meant that we are now very slowly going to start bringing Donald back into work, with the hope he will be fit and ready for the summer. I spent three weeks hacking, and very gradually increasing the trot and road work we did before we put his gel pads in for the summer. I had my first proper schooling session on him yesterday, and after a slightly tentative start, Donald produced the best work he ever has, despite having approximately two months off. If he keeps up the rate he is progressing, we will be aiming for a NSEA dressage competition in a couple of week time (yes, he will be turned into a dressage diva, with bling and some much bigger plaits than normal… purely due to my lack of mane maintenance over the break…) Despite there not being a jump in sight for at least the next month, Donald seems to be very (if slightly overly) excited to be working again, with his new dance moves…! I am working hard on my position, and aids to ensure we can make the best comeback possible and help him as a rider as much as I can, as well as trying new methods, and tack to work with Donald and form a better and stronger partnership, and make sure he is 100% (the Michael Jung method). Pole work is going to become my new best friend… I hope! I’m praying that jumping again will be on the cards soon. As much as I am in awe of dressage rider’s abilities, I don’t feel like dressage is mine, or Donald’s forte, or favourite discipline- however I will be immersing myself into the world of diamanté and polo wrapping for the next few weeks (or months…) But for now, I will be learning how road tax in Singapore works to try and nail geography…!

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