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Helen Trueman

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good month? 

Henry has adjusted incredibly well to retirement and has spent the last month basically sleeping and eating! He’s got no shoes on now and he’s not terribly happy about it, but it has slowed down his fast pace jog to to the field everyday into a nice calm walk. As he’s retired he’s had to deal with staying outside rain a little more than usual- which his spoilt little brain is not used to! Strangely his extra crippled leg started to lose hair/ change colour. Duncan decided it’s probably a bit of nerve damage, but since it’s settled now we aren’t too worried about it!

At the beginning of June my parents and I flew off to Spain for a weeks holiday. Spain really is one of my favourite countries, the food, the beaches and the people are just so lovely. Unfortunately the weather just wasn’t on our side! Most days being really rainy and cloudy meant that we spent most days inside. This did mean one good thing though….. HORSE SHOPPING!

I’ve actually been looking for a few months now and really not found anything that took my eye.  A week scrolling through horses I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds. I wanted something the same size as Henry if not a little bigger and something young, 5 or 5-ish and preferably a Connemara so I could continue M&M WHP and they’re quite indestructible. I did find a pony while we were out there but I’ll tell you about that later!

When we got back it turned out that the UK was having the heat we were lacking, and boy did that sun shine! Sunny, hot days are all well and good until you are looking after horses! (Especially a black one!) We were bringing Henry into his stable before 7am and it was already 25 degrees! Even at 9pm I felt guilty turning him out with the flies and a humid evening. Poor Henners doesn’t cope with the heat very well and even in his cool stable I had to shower sweat off him a few times a day. It’s cooled down now and if you ask me I’m happy for it to stay that way.

Jess Parsons (Dressage Ambassador) attended the CT scanner open evening which was super good apart from us trying to beat a road diversion and failing miserably! We had a tour round the hospital and I saw where Bill had his surgery and where Henry had his MRI which was super interesting. The new CT scanner is huge and seriously impressive- especially with William Fox Pitt cutting the red ribbon.

On Tuesday it was Henry’s 10th Birthday. On his birthday we normally make an effort to take him to the beach or cross country or something. So because we couldn’t I blew up some balloons for him (which he wasn’t so pleased about)  and made him a little birthday cake (which he was extremely pleased about). At our yard after the hay and haylage has been cut we are allowed to ride around the fields which is amazing. So when it poured and poured one night making the ground really soft (So it wouldn’t hurt him/damage his legs further) I led Henry around for a walk and it really was the highlight of his month.

So finally to the exciting news….. We have bought a new pony! His name is Rebel. He is a 148 (big 14.2), 5yo, full connemara and I’m so so excited to get him home and start working with him. I think he’s going to be super talented. It’s Friday night while I’m writing this and he is arriving Sunday morning so I absolutely cannot wait! It’ll be so nice to get out and do things with him- and even better when him and Henners can go out together!

So that’s it for June! Have a wonderful July!

Helen, Henry & Rebel X


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