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Helen Trueman

Hello Everyone!

So a lot has happened since I’ve last written a blog, it’s been a really hectic August and despite the horrible weather I hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer as much as I have.

So we shall start with Henry. Despite telling you about how well Henry was getting on with retirement- it didn’t last. Lots of running about, lots of jumping out the field when it rains. Princess Henry decided he wasn’t ready to retire and certainly wasn’t ready to hang up his rugs and become a field pony. He always prefers to be inside when it’s raining. The builders building our new arena (eeeek- very exciting), would laugh when I’d put by B&W coat over his head to keep him dry walking in and out.

So it all started near the beginning of August.  Henry became very sound, felt much much better and in response was running round the field like the zebra in racing stripes. One particular week he was being so crazy that he looked like he’d knocked his bad leg about a bit and was feeling a bit worse for wear about it. About a week later there seemed no improvement and we decided to trot him up and see what was going on. I couldn’t actually believe this when I was watching him- he’s quite lame- but BEHIND?!? Lame left hind here we go again…. Duncan came out to see him the next day and we decided not to jump the gun- especially since he’s on field rest anyway- bute for a few days and he was to come out and check him a few days later. Few days later and he was sound …. Yet later that afternoon he was lame again. Honestly anyone that knows Henry knows that you can’t win with him… he defies the medical textbooks. So we decided to go ahead and nerve block him… thankfully his hocks blocked positively which meant no more injections and that was a good result. So following that we X-rayed his hocks and true to our speculation he has mild arthritis in his hocks, nothing unusual for his age or previous lifestyle, he just jarred it up going from serious work to rest and then running round like an idiot- so all good there!

We also X-rayed his splint bone to see how much the healing of the bone he’d broken a year ago has progressed. I took a photo of it so you can see the comparison from one year ago (left) and now (right) it’s quite incredible really! He also managed to get an eye ulcer during this time as well- thankfully on a day when Duncan was due to see him anyway!

Although a good result this left us with quite a predicament, he was clearly doing more damage to himself on rest than he was in work. It was important not to let him injure important soft tissue structures especially as he is much weaker than he was. When Henry went to the Breadstone Equine Hospital in April they suggested a 3 months’ box rest and rehabilitation plan to get him back to work. My family, Duncan and I decided that at the time Henry was simply too sour to endure this and was best to give field rest (albeit a much longer duration off work) a go. So with four months’ field rest behind us we are going to give rehabilitating Henry a go. He’s certainly not suited to being a field pony and he’s made it quite clear that he wants to get back to work. He’s done nearly a month’s box rest already as I’m writing this and is nearly ready for some controlled walking exercises. If all goes to plan he could be competition fit by Christmas. I can’t wait to update you with how his rehab and treatment is going and when I’m finally back on board.

Secondly I’ve got an exciting little surprise. I’ve been given the ride of a 14.1hh 7yo Dun Connemara Mare called Star. She belongs to our friends and they broke her as a baby and got her back after she tore a very small hole in her DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon). Star is very much a member of the vets family, Duncan has dealt with her case and she’d been up to Breadstone to have surgery on the leg. We’re currently bringing her back into work and has done very well with her roadwork and hacking and she’s enjoying it very much. She can he a little sharp but just like Henry so I love that! She’s nearly ready for schooling and if all goes well who knows where she’ll go. Not going to set any expectations unless I jinx it ;)

So I’m currently running the pony rehabilitation line at the moment but I’m looking forward to updating you all with their progress next month. Have a wonderful September and I’ll be back soon! I’ve recently made a video showing everything `Henry and I have done from beginning to now so if you want to check that out click here.  

Lots of Love,

Helen, Henry & Star

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