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Jess Parsons - Dressage

How is October over already?.... It only seemed like it just started!! We kicked off October with some BYRDS training with Debs James the training session was mainly consecrating on my position and effectiveness when riding and also trying to teach me to breath, as I’m rather good at holding my breath when competing! After the training session we ran through the squad test where we scored a Personal best of 83.6% which I was chuffed with.

The following Monday Tilly received a visit from Anna Davison Chartered physiotherapist just for a general check up as Tilly has had a busy session so we just wanted to make sure everything was okay, and happily everything was looking great. Anna always tells me how Tilly had a great range of moment in her knees so should make a great show jumper! I thick if Anna saw her try and jump she may thick twice!!

We have continued to have some more training sessions with Tom Buckland which Tilly has found most fun continuing her fling change education which she finds so much fun which was the aim with her to try and spark her up a little as she is naturally quite a calm character. We also introduced half pass to her it was far from test perfect but hopefully over the winter week can develop this further. With Toms encouragement we decided to try and Elementary test at a test riding clinic, after a rather interesting warm-up where Tilly throw in a few moves off her own she pulled it out the bag in the test’s! In the first test there few mistakes but still scored a respectable 68.79% the second test flowed much smoother and we managed to score an amazing 73.45% scoring a lot of 8’s for the harder movements. I was beyond proud of Tilly considering this was her first try at this level and for it to be such a success.

On the 25th I decided to compete Tilly to see if we can gain our qualification for the Petplan Area festival before the end of the year. I also had Bud to compete who I have been schooling for the last few months. Bud was up first in Prelim 14 we had a lovely positive warm up which some times can cause him to be a little tense but he was great in the working in. The test started really well however there was a big cases of sack the rider and pat the pony as I managed to do my own version prelim 14! Despite this we gained a respectable score of 65+%, which would have been 67+% if we didn’t have my ‘free style’ moment, which sadly lost us 1st place. But we were still very pleased with the result for our first test together. Tilly was up next in the two novice classes, the warm-up was rather busy which isn’t Tillys favorite thing but we got through it.  Novice 28 was our first test that got of to a sticky start when I couldn’t quite believe I went wrong! Until this day I had never had a problem remember a dressage test! So a second case of pat the horse sack the rider! I think forgetting the tests then played on y mind and I didn’t ride the best test so the mark reflected that. However in our second test Novice 38 mum came to the rescue and called the test for me. Novice 38 was the one I felt I new the best out of the three but the way the day was going I didn’t trust myself, but the test was much smother than the last and we scored 64.51% and gained our first qualification score for Petplan.    

This month we had a visit from Karen who is a nutritionist from Allen and Page Horse Feed who came to the yard to offer feed advice for the horses heading in to winter. Tilly wasn’t so convinced on standing on the terrifying green weighbridge but she made it eventually. Happy to say Tilly is looking great heading into winter. Karen also offered some helpful feeding advice to boosts Tillys energy levels when needed.

I have tried to mix up Tillys schooling as much as possible this month by combining pole work within our schooling program, we have also taken up long lining which has been a great help in getting Tilly more supple throughout her body. We have also tried to go out for a canter once a week which really makes her more forward thinking and also burns a few calories while we are at it!

 We are looking forwards to a busy November of BYRDS training and competing.

 Hope everyone has a great November.

Jess xx      

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