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Embryo Transfer

Success rates with Embryo Transfer have improved enormously over the last 10 years. It is now a routine gynaecological procedure for competition mares that are unable or unsuitable to carry their own pregnancy. The donor mare is inseminated as normal with frozen, chilled or fresh semen. The embryo is then flushed from her uterus at day 7 after insemination and transferred non-surgically to a recipient mare whose reproductive cycle has been synchronised to that of the donor.

For an Information Sheet about Embryo Transfer and the factors that influence the chance of success, click here.

Logistics and Costs

Donor mare insemination

  • Fresh semen                           £280 + VAT
  • Chilled semen                         £320 + VAT
  • Frozen semen                         £380 + VAT
  1. Donor flush fee £280 + VAT
  2. Transfer fee £170 + VAT
  3. Recipient synchronisation £140 + VAT per mare.
  • A minimum of two recipient mares should be supplied
  • Includes ovulation agents and hormonal manipulation as required


Recipient Mare Hire

B&W Equine Vets has a limited supply of embryo transfer recipients available. The cost of the recipient hire for 18 months (until the foal is weaned) is £1590 + VAT. 



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