Mare Infertility Investigations

Fees 2023

Breeding Soundness Examination
  • Assessment of vulval conformation and vaginal speculum examination
  • Trans rectal palpation and ultrasound examination
  • Endometrial swab and low volume lavage for cytology, culture and sensitivity
  • Uterine biopsy
  • £308.33 + VAT (inc lab fees)
 Hysteroscopic Examination
  • Direct visualization of the uterus to enable further investigation of identified abnormalities or persistent endometritis
  • Evaluation of adhesions, foreign bodies and endometrial cysts
  • Includes post exam lavage and antimicrobial infusion
  • £275 + VAT
Endometrial Cyst Ablation
  • Laser cyst ablation
  • Includes post treatment uterine lavage and antimicrobial infusion for 2 days
  • £551.57 + VAT 
Treatment of blocked oviducts
Deep uterine misoprostol application (trans-cervical/non-surgical)
  • Deep uterine misoprostol application (trans-cervical/non-surgical)
  • £52 + VAT
Laparoscopic PGE Application for Oviductal Blockage (surgical)
  • Visualization of oviducts and PGE gel application to flush the oviducts 4 days after ovulation
  • £1287 + VAT
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