This page provides information for clients who have horses visiting the B&W Equine Hospital

Bringing your horse to the Equine Hospital

We understand that bringing your horse to our Hospital can be a potentially stressful experience and that giving you as much information about your referral as possible will hopefully help make things a little easier for you. Here you will find some general guidance to walk you through the referral process.

On Arrival

The Hospital is staffed with a team of vets and nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone will always be here waiting for you. Please do not unload your horse/pony until you have seen or spoken to someone to make us aware that you have arrived.

Out of Hours

Outside of office hours the electric gates to the main hospital sites are locked. When you arrive at the gates, please press the reception button and someone will open the gates for you.

Feeding and Medication

If your horse/pony has specific feed requirements then please provide these with instructions. Equally, we are happy to provide standard feed types and offer hay, soaked or steamed hay or haylage. If your horse is receiving on-going medication or feed supplementation, we also request that you bring these with you with instructions. All in-patients are routinely bedded on wood-shavings.

Visiting and keeping you informed

You are very welcome to visit your horse/pony during their stay at the Hospital. We do request that you inform us that you plan to visit and the time you intend to visit. We endeavour to keep owners updated with their horse/pony's progress at least once daily during their stay. We also keep referring vets informed regarding cases that they have referred in. Weekend visiting times are 10am-12 midday and 4-6pm.

Going Home

When your horse is ready to leave the Hospital we will provide full discharge instructions explaining what has happened to you horse/pony and what to do when you get home. These will be explained to you by one of our vets at the time of discharge. You will also be sent home with appropriate medication/bandaging materials if required. A copy of your discharge instructions will also be sent to your own vet.

We also have specific information we give to clients who are visiting the Hospital for our more common procedures. Please use the relevant link below to access our information sheets.

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