HorseWorld Loaner Package

The HorseWorld ‘Loaner Package’ has been designed exclusively for horses who are on loan from HorseWorld. The aim is to continue to provide access to B&W’s world class expertise for all rescued equines after they leave the care of the HorseWorld site.

The package entitles loaners to:

  • Half price visit fee within B&W’s area for the HorseWorld horse (or £10 if seen on a zone day)*
  • A reduced fee of £20 plus VAT for vaccinations for the HorseWorld horse*
  • Relevant B&W client pack detailing all B&W services available as well as the nearest B&W clinic and an introduction to the vets who practice there
  • Support from B&W Equine Vets via the local clinic and online
  • 24/7 emergency care from B&W Equine Vets if necessary
  • Access to all of the B&W Equine Hospital’s expertise and facilities if required

To qualify for this package loaners must register the loaned HorseWorld horse with B&W.

*The half price visit fee, reduced vaccination fee and free yearly check only apply to the loaned HorseWorld horse.

To see which clinic is closest to you please visit our Contact Us page.

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