Zone Days

For routine work you may wish to take advantage of our Zone Day scheme.

There is a reduced visit fee for your appointment on a Zone Day. By grouping calls in the same area together, we can work more efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

Zone day visits must be booked in advance and are available for routine work only such as vaccinations, microchipping, teeth rasping, non-emergency examinations or re-examinations. Payment for the zone visit and treatment must be made at the time of booking.

To find the Zone Day in your area, please refer to the maps below (click to enlarge) or call your local B&W Clinic.

Breadstone Clinic

Breadstone Zone Map

Failand & Stretcholt Clinics

Failand & Stretcholt Zone Days

Willesley Clinic

Willesley Zones 2023

'Three Horse Free' Offer

If an appointment is booked for 3 or more horses, you will benefit from a FREE visit charge and, unlike a zone day, you can choose the date and time of your appointment (subject to availability) and it can also be for non-routine work. You do not have to own all three horses - you can take advantage of this offer by grouping together with other B&W clients at your yard. 


Clinic opening hours

8:30am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Please note Bank Holiday and seasonal opening hours may apply.

Our usual emergency services are available 24 hours a day should you ever need us. If you ever have an equine emergency please call your local clinic line. Our out-of-hours call are answered by experienced veterinary nurses who understand equine emergencies and can provide advice whilst you wait for the vet to arrive.

Breadstone: 01453 811867
Failand: 01275 392956
Stretcholt: 01278 229129
Willesley: 01666 880501

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