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For more information on our referral services please contact Trina Snelgrove

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Equine Veterinary Services

We have a wide range of equine veterinary expertise, equipment and diagnostic services.

A multi-discipline team approach provides a vast array of knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and management of a broad spectrum of conditions. We have an experienced team of equine vets who have access to "state-of-the-art" diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities and are on hand to offer a prompt diagnosis and suitable treatment.

Mobile Services

Our first opinion equine veterinary surgeons operate from each of our five clinics Breadstone, Cardiff, Failand, Stretcholt and Willesley. They are all experienced, dedicated and offer high quality, personalised mobile services for you and your horse.

Our ambulatory vets are able to provide a comprehensive range of services at your premises from vaccinations, pre-purchase examinations, management advice (eg. for laminitic horses and ponies), routine and advanced dentistry, lameness examinations, treatment of medical conditions and emergency treatments for wounds, colic and other injuries. Minor surgical procedures such as castration and wolf teeth removal can also be done at your yard.

Our vets carry a range of portable diagnostic equipment with them out on the road including radiography and ultrasonography machines and digital endoscopy devices. This allows us to diagnose and treat a large number of cases and variety of conditions at your stables without the need for them to be transported to the hospital.

Any more complex cases can be referred quickly to our equine hospital where your horse will have direct access to our specialist clinicians, equipment and facilities.


Horse therapy


B&W Equine Vets Services - Dentistry


B&W Equine Vets Services - Emergency Call Outs

Lameness Examinations

B&W Equine Vets Services - Lameness evaluations

Passports and Microchipping

B&W Equine Vets - Equine Passports and Microchipping

Pre-Purchase Examinations





Worming and Worm Egg Counts

B&W Equine Vets - Worming and Worm Egg Counts

Stud and Reproduction

B&W Equine Vets - Stud and Reproduction Services

Preventative Healthcare

Shape-Up Club

B&W Equine Vets - Shape Up Club





Referral Services

Our equine hospital is a purpose built state-of-the- art facility staffed by RCVS and European recognised Veterinary Specialists with a wealth of clinical experience. 

Advanced Dentistry

B&W Equine Vets Services - Advanced Equine Dentistry


Scan of heart

CT Scanning

Computed Tomography (CT) for Horses



B&W Equine Vets Services - Gastroscopy

Headshaking investigation

Internal Medicine


B&W Equine Vets Services - Internal Medicine



B&W Equine Vets Services - Laboratory

Lameness Referrals


B&W Equine Vets Services - Lameness Evaluations



B&W Equine Vets Referral Services - MRI

Orthopaedic Surgery

B&W Equine Vets Referral Services - Orthopaedic Surgery


B&W Equine Vets Hospital Referral Services - Opthalmology


B&W Equine Vets Hospital Referral Services - Radiography

Soft Tissue Surgery

B&W Equine Vets Hospital Referral Services - Soft Tissue Surgery


B&W Equine Vets Hospital Referral Services - Scintigraphy (Bone scanning)



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