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Stallion Services

Willesley Stud and Reproduction Centre is able to provide a unique marketing opportunity for your Stallion.

What we can offer

Facilities at Willesley include a dedicated stallion block with adjacent safe and secure turn out paddock. The collection barn and onsite laboratory allow safe and efficient collection, processing and distribution of semen.

The veterinary team overseeing the collections are specialists in equine reproduction ensuring an ejaculate of reliable quality and health status is sent to mare owners. Stallions are handled and managed by an experienced stud team.

Willesley can offer you a marketing opportunity for your stallion through it’s Stallion Selection and Semen Supply service. The brand is well established and promoted through the website, advertising and attendance at stallion shows and competitions.

Stallion Health Tests 2022

  • As described by the HBLB, required prior to entry to the stud
  • Two negative sets of stallion swabs taken 1 week apart
  • One negative EVA blood test
  • One negative EIA blood test

      £260 + VAT (inc lab fees)


Stallion Livery 2022

  • Including dedicated stallion paddock for turn out

      £30 + VAT per day


Routine Semen Collection 2022

  • Including semen evaluation and processing for on-site use or packaging for offsite distribution

      £105 + VAT   

  • Overnight courier fees for offsite distribution

      £29 + VAT


Stallion Dummy Training 2022

  • 2-5 sessions usually required for novice stallions
  • Semen evaluation and longevity trial recommended (see overleaf)

      £87.50 + VAT per session



Semen Evaluation and Longevity Trial 2022

  • Motility, morphology and concentration assessment
  • Cooling and longevity trial

      £155 + VAT


Stallion Breeding Soundness Examination 2022

  • Physical examination
  • Palpation and ultrasound evaluation of testicles and accessory sex glands
  • Two semen collections 1 hour apart
  • Motility, morphology and concentration assessment
  • Cooling and longevity trial using different extenders
  • Centrifugation trial
  • Estimation of sperm output and predicted mare numbers for the season
  • Equipure semen selection trial available (price on request)

      £405 + VAT


Stallion Infertility Evaluation 2022

  • Physical examination
  • Palpation and ultrasound evaluation of accessory sex glands and testicles
  • Stallion swabs for culture and sensitivity
  • Semen collection for evaluation
  • Motility, concentration and morphology assessment
  • Cooling and longevity trial using 3 different extenders at 24h and 48 h
  • Centrifugation trial
  • Equipure semen selection trial (price on request)
  • Advanced semen evaluation

o   Viability testing using Nucleocounter

o   Acrosome integrity (Spermac)

o   Sperm Chromatin Structural Assay (price on request)

  • Testicular biopsy available (price on request)

      £405 + VAT 



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