Our powerful ceiling mounted x-ray system enables us to take high quality radiographs of all areas of your horse.

Portable x-ray machines have made radiography of your horse’s lower limbs efficient and convenient. However, current portable systems are not powerful enough to take good quality images of the upper limbs, spine and thorax. Back x-ray

B&W Equine Hospital has a dedicated radiography room, which is run by a team of three diagnostic imaging technicians,  and overseen by Becky Jones BVSc CertVR DVDI MRCVS (RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging).

As well as having access to portable DR radiography, we have two wall-mounted rotating anode generators, which are higher powered than the portable generators which we use in an ambulatory setting. This allows us to image larger areas of the horse than we would otherwise be able to, including necks, the deeper structures of the back, shoulders and the thorax. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic images, as efficiently as possible.

We also have a dedicated image viewing area, with high resolution screens which allows our clinicians to accurately assess your horses radiographs prior to formulating a treatment plan.

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