Preventative Health Care

Keeping your horse healthy and happy starts with preventative healthcare which is why maintaining your horse or pony’s routine healthcare is an important part of our work.

All of our clinics offer mobile services at your yard for routine work such as vaccinations, dental work, initial assessments of lameness or illnesses. We can also offer advice on exercise regimes, worming, weight management and diet.


Routine vaccinations are important regardless of whether your horse ever leaves your premises or not. Flu and Tetanus vaccinations are strongly recommended.

Dental Checks

Regular dental checks are necessary to maintain good dental health and help prevent serious problems developing. We advise all horses have a dental check up every 6-12 months.

Shape-Up Club

Monitoring your equine weight-watcher is made easy with our Shape-Up Club which provides free advice and support on achieving and maintaining a healthy body condition for your horse or pony.

It’s free to join and when you sign up you will receive a free Shape-Up pack which includes a weigh tape and information about feeding, body condition and how to help your horse lose weight.

Not sure of your horse’s weight? We have a weigh bridge at the hospital in Breadstone and will happily weigh your horse or pony for you free of charge.

Horse Health Programme

The Horse Health Programme provides you with everything you need to help keep your horse fit & healthy throughout the year. It enables you to spread the cost of your horse's routine treatments, saving you up to £150 per year . You also benefit from a 10% discount on all veterinary services and medicines. 

Clinic opening hours

8:30am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Please note Bank Holiday and seasonal opening hours may apply.

Our usual emergency services are available 24 hours a day should you ever need us. If you ever have an equine emergency please call your local clinic line. Our out-of-hours call are answered by experienced veterinary nurses who understand equine emergencies and can provide advice whilst you wait for the vet to arrive.

Breadstone: 01453 811867
Failand: 01275 392956
Stretcholt: 01278 229129
Willesley: 01666 880501

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