Eye injuries and infections can be common in horses, whilst often not serious, it is important to check all eye injuries to prevent a minor problem becoming more serious. Eye problems may include traumatic injury, conjunctivitis, ulcers and foreign bodies.

Equine eye exam

With prompt treatment many eye problems can be brought under control within a few days. If you notice anything unusual with your horses eyes you should contact your vet.



Our diagnostic facilities available include slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonomomentry for glaucoma, direct and indirect ophthalmology, ocular ultrasound, infrared photography, laboratory investigations, digital radiography and CT. For all eye cases we encourage early case discussion as we are passionate about maximising visual outcome


Areas that we commonly consult on include:

  • Pre-purchase second opinions
  • Management of complicated corneal ulcers
  • Cataract evaluation and treatment
  • Cyclosporine implants for recurrent uveitis or immune medicated keratopathies
  • Iris cyst ablation
  • Laser surgery for glaucoma
  • Management of corneal and conjunctival squamous cell carcinomas




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