Two Cycle Fresh Semen Package Fees 2024

For work carried out at B&W Stud and Reproduction Services, Willesley;

We quote a fixed price of                                                    £612.50 + VAT


This fees include:

  • All routine drugs and gynaecological examinations to ensure insemination at the optimum time
  • Endometrial swab and smear for cytology and culture
  • Insemination
  • Ovulation agent
  • Post ovulation checks including lavages if necessary
  • All ultrasound pregnancy examinations up to heartbeat/embryo detection
  • If the mare is not in foal after the first insemination, the next cycle is included in this package

These fees do not include:

  • Stallion collection/stud fees
  • The cost of the call-out for any work performed at home
  • Pre Clinic entry health tests ie, EVA & Clitoral swab
  • The cost of sedation, if it is necessary
  • Any antibiotics, including intra-uterine
  • Accommodation fees. (See below)
  • Caslick procedure or Caslick repair
  • Twin reduction
  • If the mare is diagnosed with Endometritis, an all inclusive package fee of £245.84 + vat will be charged

If the mare is in foal after the first cycle, the two cycle fee is not refundable.

If the insemination is not completed due to ovulation failure, semen delivery failure, incorrect/absent health status paperwork – instead of starting a new package an insemination failure fee of £218.33 + vat will be charged to cover work/ drugs used.

Accommodation Fees

Mare at grass £13.50 + VAT Mare & foal at grass £16.00 + VAT
Mare stabled £25 + VAT Mare & foal stabled £26.50 + VAT

Individual turnout by special arrangement:

Mare £22 + VAT

Mare & Foal £25 + VAT

We offer 3 days free livery for mares on packages.

Once your mare has received a heartbeat scan, daily livery charges will be subject to an automatic price increase of 20% a day.

All veterinary treatment must be paid for in full before the work commences and the fee plan is not transferable to the following season.



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