Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Service

Our Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Service is a multidisciplinary speciality that works closely with other departments, such as Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, and Internal Medicine to establish a diagnosis and formulate the most appropriate treatment plan. Once a diagnosis is established, we develop individualised rehabilitation and treatment plan based on the horse and client's circumstances.

Rehabilitation often takes time and commitment. We work closely with the client to ensure that their rehabilitation plan is both suitable and manageable to give the best possible outcomes. Rehabilitation therapies are initiated at the earliest opportunity and are fully integrated into the horses’ care. This proactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach helps the horse get back to the work and competitions.

This service is run by Nadine Ogden BVSc CertAVP(EL) MScVPS FHEA DipACVSMR MRCVS American Specialist in Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation


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