Dentistry and Craniofacial Surgery

B&W ambulatory clinics have a team of veterinarians and equine dental technicians (EDT’s) who are proficient at equine annual dental examinations and treatments at the clients’ premises.  In addition the hospital offers referral services for external referring veterinarians and EDT’s.  Our multi-disciplinary specialist approach means that investigations, diagnostic imaging and treatments can be done at the same site, usually during the same visit.  We offer specialist expertise in dental examinations including HD oroscopic examinations and diagnostic imaging including very high quality digital radiography, and Computed Tomography that can usually be performed with the horse sedated but standing*.

These are then interpreted in collaboration between Specialists in Diagnostic Imaging and Dentistry/Surgery to plan the most effective treatments. Treatments are carried out the same or subsequent days and after appropriate convalescence, the horse is returned home for follow-up monitoring by the referring vet.

We have expertise in treatment of advanced or problematic periodontal disease, dental extraction by all techniques including minimally invasive and surgical ones and restoration of decayed teeth when suitable and endodontic treatment.  Most of these can be done with the horse sedated using precise local anaesthetic techniques but where the horse’s nature, or when specifics of the treatment demand it, we are able to anaesthetise the horse for the greater safety of patient and staff. 

Sinus disease and head fractures

These can occur in combination with or separately to dental diseases.  Head injuries are received often as emergencies and after appropriate monitoring and stabilisation, usually these will benefit from undergoing a CT scan. In addition to the diagnostic imaging facilities and expertise we have at B&W Equine Hospital we are able to investigate sinus disease using minimally-invasive surgical or direct sinoscopic techniques with videoendoscopy. 

Surgical treatments including sinus surgery and craniofacial surgery and fracture repair are performed by specialists in the field using up-to-date conformable implants. Mostly these can be done in the conscious patient but where the surgical plan demands it then we can do the surgery with the horse under general anaesthesia for the benefit of all to get the best outcome.

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