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Artificial Insemination (AI) with Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Semen

Between 75 and 100 mares are inseminated at Willesley each year. Experience gained over the last 30 years is used to give mare owners realistic expectations for their breeding plans. The stallion selection and semen supply service is available for owners who would like help with stallion choice.

American barn style stabling or post and rail paddock accommodation are available for mares that are resident at Willesley while they are being inseminated.

Frozen Semen

Frozen semen gives access to most foreign stallions and some UK competition stallions not available through fresh or chilled semen. Mares are best admitted to Willesley for insemination to allow careful monitoring. Our records show average per season pregnancy rates of 78%.

Chilled Semen

Chilled semen is sent by overnight courier for mare insemination. Some foreign stallions and most UK stallions are available through chilled semen. Most mares are admitted to Willesley for insemination while they are in season. Our records show average per season pregnancy rates of 82% with chilled semen.

Fresh Semen

Mares for insemination with fresh semen can be resident while in season or walked in on a daily basis. Fresh semen should be inseminated within 3 hours of collection from the stallion. Our records show average per season pregnancy rates of 87% with fresh semen.

Health Tests

A pre-breeding fertility examination is recommended prior to insemination.

All mares inseminated at Willesley will require health tests taken according to the HBLB code of practice for venereal diseases;

  • Negative Clitoral swab.
  • Negative EVA blood test taken within 1 month of admission.
  • A health declaration completed by your current vet.
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