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My horse needs an x-ray!

Radiographs, commonly known as x-rays, are frequently taken during lameness examination to visualise the bones and joints.

Mobile Radiography: X-Rays

Portable x-ray machines enable us to take radiographs at your yard and for the images to be viewed seconds later on screen.

Radiographs, commonly known as x-rays, are often taken during lameness exams to visualise the bones and joints. Portable digital systems (DR) are mostly used for lower limb examinations and are especially useful if it is difficult or unsafe to travel an injured horse.

If your vet feels that x-rays of the upper limbs, spine or thorax are needed to help with diagnosis they may refer you to our equine hospital. Portable systems are not as powerful as the static ceiling mounted x-ray system at the hospital where we can take better quality images of harder to reach areas.

Horse at clinic receiving radiography









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